Best Historic Inns Of Vermont For Photography

We consider our Green Mountain Inn one of the best historic inns of Vermont to visit for people who enjoy photography. In 1833, Peter C. Lovejoy built the original overnight accommodations on our tracts of land in Stowe, Vermont. Then, over time, our famous Green Mountain Inn resort changed hands several times, with each new owner bringing the very best technologies of their generation to add into our stunning group of lodgings. 

Armature and professional photographers can enjoy all modern resort conveniences at our Green Mountain Inn location. We offer hotel rooms, luxury rooms, elegant suites, family units, efficiency apartments, and full-sized town home overnight arrangements that all offer access to our scenic surroundings and array of buildings, furnishings, and high-points that span over 150-years of time. There is something for every photographer to enjoy in and around our historic inns of Vermont location. 

The town of Stowe, Vermont is very well-known as a popular ski-trip location. There are wonderful action shots available up on the ski-slopes during all months of the year. During the non-ski seasons, the ski areas offer a carnival-style of atmosphere for all area visitors to enjoy. For people who are interested in practicing their action-shot photo skills, our local skiing locations are easily accessible from our prime locations in the heart of the town of Stowe. 

Since our historic inns of Vermont locations were originally chosen from the best plots of land in the Stowe area, today we can offer easy access to almost everything in the Stowe area. We are within easy walking distance to various ages of church buildings, colorful boutiques or stores, and other types of wonderful New England photo opportunities. The town of Stowe has been heavily photographed for various media purposes over the years. In our opinion, our historic inns of Vermont settings hold awesome photo opportunities.

At our wonderful Green Mountain Inn resort, we host lots of weddings, ceremonies, receptions, and special events. As all photographers know, this speaks very well of our photogenic or camera-friendly nature. Bridal locations must include multiple photo opportunities to harmonize well with modern wedding traditions. For the very best photo opportunities on your next vacation trip, we must recommend our own historic inns of Vermont location. Come visit our friendly and historic Green Mountain Inn.