Best Hotels In Vermont: The Historic Green Mountain Inn

One of the best hotels in Vermont is the Green Mountain Inn. Our historic Green Mountain Inn was established in 1833 to cater to the early travelers who enjoyed visiting our scenic surroundings. Today, our modern resort-style Inn features the elegant charms of yesteryear that are now carefully blended with today's state-of-the-art conveniences. Visitors to our Inn are always impressed with our historic modern facilities. 

The Green Mountain Inn is located in popular Stowe, Vermont. The community of Stowe is a tourist-oriented location that is frequented by travelers who enjoy the local upper-quality ski slopes, scenic hiking trails, and frequent fun-filled community events and activities. Stowe, Vermont is also a popular wedding and ceremony location due to the beautiful nature-filled surroundings. 

Just like the visitors from long ago, our modern guests enjoy the wide variety of outdoor activities that are found in and around Stowe, Vermont. It is possible to hike on very scenic trails, explore the local caves, and to shop in our artist-filled community shops that offer many unique items for sale. At our Green Mountain Inn, it is possible to admire original artwork on the walls, to taste time-honored treats, and to experience the friendly nature of our historic establishment that is different from the other hotels in Vermont. 

The Green Mountain Inn is a large establishment that has multiple buildings on our property. We offer resort-style of accommodations that can include elegant fireplaces, canopied beds, and other romantic touches in the rooms. The Inn offers small rooms, large rooms, suites, apartments, and townhome overnight accommodations. Visitors can choose to stay in our modernized original building or in recently built additions or units. 

Our historic Green Mountain Inn offers resort-style amenities while remaining competitive in price among the other hotels in Vermont. At our establishment, it is possible to take advantage of ski packages and deals, wedding packages, and discount deals that change every season to provide exciting up-to-date options that can delight all of our guests. For a list of current packages and deals, please visit our Website pages.

Travelers often use the Green Mountain Inn during the popular holiday seasons. In tourist-oriented Stowe, Vermont, all holidays are celebrated in a manner that is designed to be delightful to travelers from all over the planet. Our Inn offers specials value deals during all major holidays. Couples and family groups often use our facilities during the popular holiday dates as a special gift for the occasion. Our majestic Green Mountain Inn is the perfect gift choice to make for al special holiday dates. One of the best hotels in Vermont is our special historic Green Mountain Inn.