Family Vacation Deals Vermont: Try The Historic Green Mountain Inn

For the best family vacation deals, Vermont is the place to be. Vermont offers scenic landscapes that are filled with activities that every member of the family can enjoy. In Stowe, family members can stay at our historic Green Mountain Inn and enjoy all of the popular attractions that are offered in our local area. The town of Stowe, Vermont is a tourist-oriented community that has been a well-liked vacation spot for over 150-years. 

Stowe offers top-of-the-line skiing, exciting summertime ski resort amusements, cultural events, and plenty of quality-time activities to enjoy. At our famous Green Mountain Inn, visitors often opt to take daytime hiking trips or bicycle adventures into the nearby canyons and mountainous locations that make-up our surrounding scenery. There are small caves to explore, hillsides to climb, and photography opportunities galore. 

For family vacation deals, Vermont offers some of the best accommodations that are structured for family daytime outings that are not overly expensive. Our Green Mountain Inn is located inside of the town of Stowe where tourist-oriented events are offered during all months of the year. Further, our Inn offers a year-round outside pool, access to art displays and shopping, and wonderful food at our family-oriented Whip Bar & Grill. 

Our Green Mountain Inn was established in 1833 as one of the first tourist-oriented businesses in the Stowe, Vermont area. Over the years, our establishment has undergone many changes. Today, the Green Mountain Inn includes multiple buildings, modern elegant furnishings in every room, suite, or apartment, and a friendly staff that knows how to provide a top-rate vacation experience for everybody. 

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