Stowe, Vermont Hiking Options

The Stowe, Vermont hiking opportunities are almost endless. The historic and scenic community of Stowe is located at the base of scenic mountains that provide caves, meandering rivers, forest-lands, and pretty farming-district landscapes. Vermont is a four-season state that offers new landscape color-tones and options for recreational activities during each season of the year. 

About Stowe, Vermont hiking, walking, and trail options:

Stowe offers excellent opportunities for hiking, walking, biking, snowshoeing, and all other types of enjoyable foot-powered ramblings. A noteworthy 5.3 mile paved footpath offers visitors to this area an exciting way to get exercise and fresh air on a warm sunny day. Through the use of this well-maintained pedestrian/bicycle path, people of all ages can explore the vintage 1800s sections of town, scenic foot-bridges over the river, and some of the outlaying areas of farm country. 

As people are using the bicycle/pedestrian trail in Stowe, they can sit on comfortable supplied benches, take a dip in the river, or stop to explore the interesting architectural aspects and boutiques that are available in the historic 1800s Stowe village area. When visitors find the historic sections of Stowe exciting to walk through by day, they often return to this same area after dark for a hosted history and ghost-hunter lantern tour. This type of a walk explains the history and ghost stories that go with the old buildings. 

Going up towards and around the ski slopes there are multiple Stowe, Vermont hiking trails that can accommodate all skill-levels of outdoor enthusiasts. On the other side of town, there is an 80-acre option for people who enjoy hiking through the forest. Around Stowe, there are many quiet country roads that are safe and interesting areas for walking, biking, and wandering. Multiple-day Stowe, Vermont family trips are always fun to plan with so many different types of trekking opportunities available. 

Our historic Green Mountain Inn resort is located near the center of the popular 1800s district in Stowe, Vermont. Our establishment was born in 1833 and we have grown in size over the years. The Green Mountain Inn combines all modern luxuries with our historic elegance and charms. When hikers stay at our establishment, they are staying in one of the buildings that people using the walking trail come to see. Our resort offers a shuttle service to the slope areas where the mountainous hiking trails begin.