Approximate Driving Times/Distances:

City Hours Miles
Albany, NY 4.0 181
New York, NY 6.0 338
Baltimore, MD 10.0 530
Ottawa, ON 4.0 239
Boston, MA 3.5 198
Philadelphia, PA 8.0 429
Cleveland, OH 11.0 600
Toronto, ON 8.0 450
Hartford, CT 4.0 214
Washington, DC 11.0 570
Montéal, PQ 2.5 140

By Car

Stowe is a convenient drive from Interstate 89. Take exit 10 and follow Route 100 ten miles north to Stowe. The Inn is located on Main Street (Route 100) at the intersection of Route 108 (also called “The Mountain Road), on the right after the blinking light when you approach the center of town. Ample parking is available behind the Inn.

Driving Directions from Mapquest
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By Air

There are over 80 flights a day to the Burlington International Airport, only a 40 minute ride to Stowe via Interstate 89. Please visit

By Train

Stowe is only 10 minutes from the Amtrak Station in Waterbury. Please visit Call 1-800-24-STOWE for information on Stowe preferred round-trip.