Experience the Splendor of Summer at Green Mountain Inn

As summer's golden warmth embraces the outdoors, there's no place better to savor the season than Green Mountain Inn. Nestled in the picturesque heart of Vermont, the Inn embodies the quintessential New England summer, offering stunning views, a welcoming ambiance, and delightful amenities.

The Inn's enchanting vistas turn the experience of summer into a natural spectacle. Step outside and take in the breathtaking scene of verdant mountains under the clear, blue skies, with a melodious backdrop of bird songs completing the serenity of your retreat.

Green Mountain Inn's location promises endless summer activities. Just a stroll away lies the historic Church Street Marketplace, home to boutique stores and artisanal eateries. The inn is also a gateway to the Green Mountains' hiking trails, the refreshing waters of Lake Champlain, and cycling routes through the scenic countryside.

After a day of adventure, the Inn itself provides comforting solace. Each room, unique in character and thoughtfully adorned, enhances your summer stay. Alongside this, the Inn boasts an inviting pool, perfect for cooling down on hot summer days, and a patio for sun-soaked relaxation.

Not to be overlooked is the Inn's award-winning restaurant, The Whip Bar & Grill, where the flavors of Vermont's rich agricultural heritage come alive in their farm-to-table summer menu.

As the sun sets, creating a soft, golden ambiance, Green Mountain Inn becomes a tranquil setting for relaxation and camaraderie, offering more than just a stay – an unforgettable summer experience.

In essence, summer at Green Mountain Inn is not just about lodging and dining. It's a celebration of Vermont's natural beauty and the season's warmth, creating memories that linger. When summer calls, answer it at Green Mountain Inn and create your unique summer story.