Your Guide to Hiking in Stowe, Vermont

Of all the things to do in Stowe, hiking is a can’t-miss activity

With world-class trails, spectacular mountain views, and an abundance of natural beauty, hiking in the great outdoors tops our list of must-do summer activities in Stowe.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced hiker, you can feel confident setting out on Stowe’s well-maintained trail system. Trail options span easy to expert, so people of all ages and abilities can enjoy a hike in nature.

Read on for our list of the area’s most popular and recommended hikes.

Stowe’s Most Popular Hikes

Mount Mansfield

Mount Mansfield is the highest peak in Vermont (4,393 feet, to be specific) and is located on the Long Trail, a system of trails that covers 265 miles throughout the state.

Some say that Mount Mansfield looks like a face in profile when viewed from the east or west. As you approach it, take a moment to see if you can make out the forehead, nose, lips, and chin. 

The views from the ridge line hike are simply breathtaking and this is a hike that people of all skill levels can confidently tackle. Picnics and photo-taking are popular ways to pass the time once you make it to the top.

Stowe Pinnacle

Stowe Pinnacle offers a more challenging hike that is just over 3 miles round trip and reaches an elevation of 1,542 feet at its highest point.

The trail becomes noticeably steeper about a half mile into the hike but it’s worth sticking out because once you’re at the top, the views of Mount Mansfield, the Waterbury Reservoir, Camels Hump, and Worcester Range are simply stunning.

Shorter Hikes

If you’re more of a walker than a hiker, there are plenty of laidback trails to explore in the Kirchner Woods and Wiessner Woods. Sunset Rock is also a great option for a leisurely stroll that has a beautiful view of Mount Mansfield.
Stowe also has many popular swimming holes, so when you set out for a walk in the woods, bring your bathing suit along in order to take advantage of the wonderful waterfalls, pools, and basins that abound in the area.

Guided Hikes

Local trail guides are another fantastic way to experience the area, allowing you to customize your hike and to gain insider knowledge of the history of Stowe.

Plan Your Hike

Need help planning your trek in the great outdoors? Go Stowe has the information you need to plan your route, contact local outfitters, and ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your hiking trip.